Weight and balance

Cessna 172S N435SP

Cessna 178Q N735LH

Glasair Super II RG W/Extended Tips N61CY

I wrote a stand alone Visual Basic program to solve weight a balance problems for the Glasair family of aircraft. It also be found at the Glasair.org site.

Or a web based program Weight and Balance Calculator *12/30/03 added the ability to enter data for your own aircraft, unfortunately you will need to enter the data each time you reload the page. Working on a cookie that will save your airplanes data.

Max gross weight Normal 2100 pounds
With wing tip extensions 2200 pounds
Aerobatic 1900 pounds
Mean aerodynamic chord (MAC) Normal Wing 44.5 inches
With wing tip extensions 43.0 inches
Flight center of gravity limits Forward 13.5% MAC
Aft 31.5% MAC

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Various Moment Arms

Oil Station 44.00 Pilot/Passenger Station 115.50
Fuel main tank Station 89.85 Instrument Panel Station 89.00
Fuel header tank Station 68.00 Nose wheel axle Station 43.00
Fuel wing tip tanks Station 98.69 Main gear axles Station 105.25
Firewall Station 60.00 Wing tip extensions Station 100.62
Baggage Station 136.00

Center of Gravity check of an example Glasair Super II RG

Forward Limit. Worst case full fuel, no baggage and a light pilot.

Item Weight Station Moment
Empty Airplane 1313 89.94 118086.5
Pilot 110 115.5 12705.0
Fuel header tank 48 68.00 3264.0
Fuel main tank 240 89.85 21564.0

Weight= 1711 pounds, Moment= 155619.5     CG= Station 90.95 or 16.29% MAC

AFT Limit. Worst case full baggage compartment, pilot and passenger, and no fuel. The CG maybe the least of your concerns in this case without fuel, but as fuel is used CG does moves aft.

Item Weight Station Moment
Empty Airplane 1313 89.94 118086.5
Pilot and Passenger 340 115.5 12705.0
Baggage 100 136.00 13600.0

Weight= 1753 pounds, Moment= 170956.5    CG= Station 97.52 or 31.06% MAC

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