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Glasair I RG Glasair I FT Glasair I TD
Glasair II RG Glasair II FT Glasair II TD
Glasair SII RG Glasair SII FT Glasair SII TD
Glasair SII RG (wing aft 1.5) Glasair SII FT (wing aft 1.5) Glasair SII TD (wing aft 1.5)
Glasair Super II RG Glasair Super II FT Glasair Super II TD
Glasair III Extended wing tips Normal wing tips
Airplane Data:
Empty Weight: Empty Station: Gross Normal: Gross Extended:
Header Station: Tip Tank Station: Main Tank Station: Passenger Station:
Baggage Station: Wing Tip Station: Fwd MAC: Aft MAC:
Normal Wing MAC: Extended Wing MAC: Normal Wing LEMAC: Extended Wing LEMAC:
Extended Tips Weight: Standard Tips Weight:
Total Weight: Total Moment: Station: MAC:

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