Kit Delivery

I started with an empty 26 foot long racecar trailer and drove 60 miles north to Stoddard-Hamilton. Stoddard-Hamilton was very willing to help me save shipping costs by allowing me to pick the kit up at their door step. There were claims of "this is nothing, you should seen some of the things that we have loaded the kit into". Load trailer at S-H.jpg (82395 bytes)
S-H did all the loading of the kit. Giving time for me to go sit in one of the factory airplanes. Loading Trailer.jpg (45968 bytes)
Racecar trailer back home full of airplane parts. Lots of parts. Full Trailer.jpg (41180 bytes)
My brother, Peter takes the first flight. Peter Flying.jpg (67352 bytes)
Well if he can fly it, so can I. Chris Flying.jpg (65008 bytes)
After the fuselage was inside, where else to put it but the living room, Mom comes over to fly it too. Mom Flying.jpg (48332 bytes)
The quality of the parts appears to by high. For example, the landing gear looks great. The same thing you may see on a Boeing aircraft. Landing gear.jpg (53853 bytes)
Just some of the machined parts that come with the kit. Some_Parts.jpg (58250 bytes)
The question comes up, "do you really get all the hardware?", well this is only some of it. We stopped counting at over 2 thousand pieces. Some Hardware.jpg (93184 bytes)

  Last updated on 04/18/03

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