Glasair Super II R.G. Specifications as listed by Stoddard-Hamilton

for a 180 hp aircraft

as they say "actual performance may vary"


Top Speed 238 mph
Cruise Speed
      75% at 8,000 ft 221 mph
      65% at 8,000 ft 213 mph
Stall speed (solo)
      Slotted flaps 59 mph
      Extended tips 54 mph
Best rate of climb 120 mph
Best angle of climb 100 mph
Maneuvering speed 145 mph
Never exceed speed 260 mph
Rate of climb
      Gross 1,700 ft/min.
      Solo 2,700 ft/min.
Roll rate
Standard wing 140 deg/sec.
Extended wing 90 deg/sec.


Fuselage length 20.7 feet
Wing span
     Standard wing 23.3 feet
     Extended wing 27.3 feet
Max. height 6.8 feet
Cabin width 42 inches
Fuel capacity
Main wing tank 40 gal.
Header tank 8 gal.
Wing tip extensions 11 gal.
Baggage capacity 100 pounds
Baggage space 12 cubic feet
Empty weight 1,325 pounds
Gross weight
     Standard wing 2,100 pounds
     Extended wing 2,200 pounds

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