The building of an experimental homebuilt aircraft takes a great deal of attention to detail, planning and time. One aspect of the detail is a log of activities during the construction of the airplane. This site is a photo construction log for my Glasair Super II RG.

After 9 years and 202 days the airplane is finished. Total construction time 3253 hours (Detail).

New web site is coming!

Don't worry nothing is going to disappear. Give the test site a try and let me know what you think.

First Flight 08-01-07

Building and operating a homebuilt aircraft has many risks and can be extremely hazardous if not taken seriously. All information including, but not limited to, comments, pictures, manufacturing techniques, and aircraft modifications, displayed on this web site, are for informational purposes only. The information herein may not conform to industry standard practices or be approved by the aircraft kit manufacturer. While this information is given freely, it is given only for entertainment purposes. Anyone using information from this web site, in the construction of a homebuilt project, accepts full responsibility, releases me from all liability, and does so at his or her own risks. OK enough said.

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