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Last updated on 06/01/06

The main source for Glasair information: This is the best place on the web for all your Glasair needs.

New Glasair LLC - New GlaStar LLC The manufacture of the Glasair.

Companies that are Glasair supporters:

AirCrafters Source for parts and service

Phoenix Composites Source for Glasair parts and service.

Lochert Aviation Formally Muldoon Aviation.

Pilot reports:

Budd Davisson Describes a Glasair III flight.

CAFE Very complete flight test review.

Other Glasair Builders sites:

Tom Dollmeyer's Glasair Log Great photo log of the construction of a Glasair Super II FT.

Brian Shannons Glasair Photo log of a Glasair Super II RG

Roger Halstead Glasair III Builder's log

Ben Mazin Glasair II RG  Photos of construction.

Photos of the construction of a Glasair IIS FT by an unknown builder

Bob Bean Glasair III

Henri  Chorosz Long distance record holder Glasair IIFT

Evan Julber Glasair III

Glasair from England

Glasair III N196G

Tom Tayors Glasair II-S "Racing"

Mark Banus

Gary Brandt Glasair FT from Saskatoon Canada.

Andrew Plunkett Detailed log of a Glasair FT.

        Glasair N550AC  Log of a Glasair Super II RG from Texas.

        Turbine Glasair Glasair Super II RG TURBINE!

        Aircraft delivery Fairy flight of Glasair from Germany to USA.

        Brad Gabel Glasair S-II FT from Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Weather Links:

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