History of the line of Glasair models (as far as I know)

1979 first flight of Glasair TD

1980 To 1985 Glasair I (TD, FT, RG)  SN 1 thru 803, canopy 3 inches taller than prototype only TD version offered. In 1983 retractable tricycle added to line in 1984 a fixed tricycle version completed the line.

1986 to 1988 Glasair II (TD, FT, RG) 2.5 inches wider and 1 taller cabin with flange joggles at firewall, belly panel, windshield, and canopies. Length same as Glasair I SN 1000-1119. The canopy frames, gear box structures, stabilizer and elevator ribs and spars were included as formed assemblies and reduced hundreds of hours of work. The fuselage length remained the same as the Glasair I's.

1986 to pressent the Glasair III was introduced SN3001 thru XXXX. To date no changes have been made.

1989 to 1993 Glasair II-S fuselage lengthened by 14 inches SN 2001-2184. Glasair II models had aft CG problems, fix was to move wing aft 1.5 inches or install a stab widen by 12 inches.

1993 to present Glasair Super II  fuselage lengthened in front of wing by 6 inches adoption of 12 inch wider stab horizontal. Wing was in the original location SN 2201-XXXX

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