Stabilizer and Elevator Construction

Last updated on 01/12/04

During the installation of the rear spar to the stabilizer skin, a straight edge was held up against the rear spar to help with the alignment and small form blocks were hot glued in place to hold the alignment. All the ribs for the stabilizer are pre-made except for the outboard ribs. rear_spar.jpg (37977 bytes)
Close-up of an outboard rib. The rib is cut from a sheet of foam, sanded to the correct shape, sealed and then bonded in place. The next step the photo doesn't show is a multi layer laminate of fiberglass on each side and lapping onto the skin. outboard_rib.jpg (24735 bytes)
Nutplates were installed to allow the hinge brackets to be bolted on. The nutplates for the hinge brackets were riveted and fiber glassed into place. Hinge_nutplate.jpg (28468 bytes)
Before closing of the two stabilizer skin panels I installed a fold dipolar VOR nav. antenna in the leading edge. An advantage of composite construction is that the antennas can be mounted internally, eliminating the drag that they normally produce. nav_ant.jpg (28968 bytes)
Stab closed. Sand bags are used to apply the clamping force during the cure of the bonding. stab close.jpg (48702 bytes)
After the two panels of the stab are bonded together the leading edge laminates and rear spar laminates are applied. leading edge.jpg (19193 bytes)
Elevator spar laminated in place and this height has been trimmed so that the lower panel fits to the surface of the stab. (in this photo the upper surface is really the lower surface) elev spar.jpg (28936 bytes)
Elevator inboard rib install along with the elevator torque tubes. elev_inbd_rib.jpg (75062 bytes)
Dad at the ready. Closing an elevator elev_close.jpg (36895 bytes)
Stab and both elevators all bolted together for the first time. stab_elev_join.jpg (43596 bytes)
The ends of the stab are sealed as well as caps are put on the ends to blend with the counter weight arms of the elevators. stab_end_cap.jpg (26898 bytes)
A look into the counter weight arm of an elevator. The lead counter weight has not been add yet. elev_counter_weight_spar.jpg (32133 bytes)
Lead weight installed into the tip of the counter weight arm. elev_counter.jpg (28750 bytes)

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