Reference page

Sorry this is not very well organized.

Last updated on 09/05/07

Pilot Operating Handbook Still in work
Electrical Schematic Visio drawing of N61CY electrical system (will need nether the Visio viewer or the application to open file)
Hydraulic Drawing Schematic Hydraulic system for N61CY, an version similar to the Glasair III
Visio Viewer Enables viewing of Microsoft Visio files
Weight and Balance Program Need to install VB6 on new computer before I can recompile code
Flap movie First thing that actually moved on the airplane, required to have a movie of it.
Landing Gear movie The gear moves on it's own
The Project movie Just having fun one day
Lycoming reference Service Bulletins, instruction, and letters
Glasair Manual Manual used for N61CY
108 Exploded view Exploded view for hydraulic pump
108 service Adjustment and cleaning of hydraulic pump
S-Tec30 S-Tec system 30 POH
Olio Strut Overhaul  
Hyd Act Rebuild  
EI Engine Manual Electronics International Pilot Manual
Xpac 904 Strobe power supply
Glasair History History of the Glasair models of aircraft
Hi temp Lycoming troubleshooting guide to high temperatures
AC25-7A Flights test guide for certification of transport category airplanes
AC23-xx-8b Flights test guide for certification of part 23 airplanes
TAS Using GPS to accurately establish True Airspeed (TAS).
Hartzell AD List of ADs for HC-C2Y hub and 7068 blades
Weight and Balance Report Weight and Balance Report

Much, much more to be added later.

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