Instrument panel design

Last updated on 06/27/04

Mockup of the panel. I started out designing a VFR panel but by the time I was finished it was full IFR. The autopilot is missing and fits in place on the T/C. PICT0001.jpg (129918 bytes)
The engraving still needs to be finalized.  Pict0002.jpg (121614 bytes)
I think I will move the clock from the engine instrument panel to the far left panel. More convenient to reach. Pict0003.jpg (129706 bytes)
Center panel will have a hydraulic pressure gauge as well as the gear and flap switches. I am also going to put the gear indicators in this location. Pict0004.jpg (87377 bytes)
Can't wait to power up the avionics and try them out. From top to bottom Audio Panel, Moving map, WASS GPS / NAV / COMM, Transponder  Pict0005.jpg (105313 bytes)
I like the idea of individual engine gauge.  Pict0006.jpg (111522 bytes)
A mess of wires! Engine instruments wiring. PICT0304.JPG (211303 bytes)
Wiring of the avionics PICT0287_edited.jpg (183885 bytes)
The mechanical fitting of the panel is almost complete. PICT0288_edited.JPG (170130 bytes)
Side view of panel PICT0286_edited.jpg (182205 bytes)

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