Hartzell ADs

Last updated on 07/28/07

Hartzell is the only official source for information about their products. Information here is only to be use for entertainment purposes.

This list is not maintained, only Hartzell should be referred to for the latest information. List is applicable to:

  Model Serial Number
Propeller HC-C2YR-1BF  
Hub D2201-17 CH32310A
Blade F7068-2 H86373
Blade F7068-2 H86375


AD Title Remarks
2006-24-07 Hartzell propellers serviced by CSE Aviation in the UK Propeller not serviced by CSE Avitaion
2006-18-15 Eddie current inspection of front cylinder half for hub cracking Within 50 operating hours time-in-service (TIS) after the effective date of this AD, perform an initial ECI of the front cylinder half of the propeller hub for cracks. Within every 100 operating hours TIS after the last propeller hub ECI inspection, or at every annual inspection, whichever occurs first, perform repetitive ECIs of the front cylinder half of the propeller hub for cracks. Alternately change hub for a hub version A or B. (A) version hub installed.

SB227-R05, SB269-R02

2005-14-11 Hartzell propellers serviced by Southern California Propeller Service Propeller not serviced by Southern California Propeller Service
2003-13-17 Hartzell propellers serviced by T and W Propellers Propeller not serviced by T and W Propellers
2003-06-02 HC-C2Y propellers with TKS anti ice boots Anti-ice boots not installed
2003-03-20 Service life reduction to 2,000 hours Hub and blades not listed
2003-01-03 Replacement of hubs D-6522-1,D6522-2,D6529-1, and D-6550-3 Propeller serial number not listed
2002-09-08 Inspection of Y shank blades, supersedes AD 77-12-06R2 Serial number outside range identified within AD
2001-23-08 Hub cracking Engines greater than 300 hp, or acrobatic category or used for agricultural operations,
2001-07-03 Y shank series propellers services by Brothers Aero Services Company Propeller not serviced by Brothers Aero Services
1964-20-01 Change of plastic pitch stop blocks AD issued prior to date of manufacture

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