Engine Installation

Last updated on 06/27/04

Engine mount installed. Still not sure what engine will be used at this point, so I paid the extra for a mount that can be used for ether a 180 hp or a 200 hp engine. I am leaning toward the 200 hp. The more power the better idea has always worked for me in the past. (Nov. 00) EngineMount.jpg (86315 bytes)
Here it is, the engine. 180hp at a good price. (Jun, 01)

Looking down on the engine. The engine started life as a IO-360-B1A. It was rebuild by Barrett Performance Aircraft, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The engine during rebuild was converted into a IO-360-B1E with A1A rotating bottom end. This changed the crankshaft and connecting rods to those with larger bearings.

CraeteTop.jpg (105385 bytes)
The change from the B1A to the B1E designation required changing the fuel injection system to Bendix equipment. CreateAft.jpg (99882 bytes)
We did a trial fit of the engine to the mount. As we have a 200hp mount there was a question as to whether the 180hp engine would fit. After some trouble with the wrong vibration mounts was resolved, everything fit after a few hours of snaking the engine onto the mount. EngineFront.jpg (86030 bytes)
The magnetos have to be removed to clear the mount during installation, but all does fit. engineLeft.jpg (96611 bytes)
It looking good and it fits the mount well, just like it is supposed to. EngineRight.jpg (83046 bytes)
I have started the baffle installation. It sure is baffling! PICT0302.jpg (144019 bytes)


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