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Last updated on 01/07/06

Joining the wing and fuselage was painstaking. There are 6 adjustments that are needed to be made and every time  one is adjusted it of course make the other 6 invalid. The tripod in the foreground is a laser level and it helped greatly in getting the wings positioned correctly with the fuselage. Fuselage_wing_a.jpg (166605 bytes)
1) Fuselage level in roll.

2) Fuselage level in pitch.

3) Wing level in roll.

4) Wing centered left to right in the fuselage.

5) Wing square with the fuselage.

6) Correct angle of incidence between the wing and fuselage.

Fuselage wing b.jpg (216901 bytes)
Check the measurement again and again just to be sure, then using Bondo temporary joint the two together. Fuselage wing c.jpg (221878 bytes)
As it sits on the gear. Still having trouble fitting the cowling. The wing root fairing is installed. On the right side I split the fairing at the mid point and removed about .5 inches to its length. P1010002.JPG (379134 bytes)
The adjustment of the cowling required the propeller and spinner to be installed. The airplane fits the garage with only a few inches to spare. I sure would however be nice to have a bigger area to build in as to go from one side of the airplane to the other requires a trip around the outside of the garage or a slide across the floor. top cowl adjustment.jpg (97106 bytes)
I have the engine mounted so the cowling could be adjusted, it made a real pain to get from one side of the airplane to the other. The engine sure looks much better mounted to the fuselage than just sitting in the create. P1010016.JPG (158480 bytes)
  P1010017.JPG (391383 bytes)
  P1010018.JPG (400751 bytes)
The seat back complete with cutout for the emergency hand pump handle. P1010019.JPG (370132 bytes)
Door one installed. Let me tell you not an easy job. I still have a bit of fairing to do to have it match to the fuselage.  P1010020.JPG (381291 bytes)
Wing root fairing installed on right side. wing root fairing.jpg (71026 bytes)
Panel mocked up. Including paper gauges.  PanelMockup.jpg (75708 bytes)
I have modified the seat pans per Neil Garvin, see for more. The inboard lip of each of the seat pans is fastened under the center consoled. This made removable of the seat pan a real pain as the center consoled needed to be removed first. So the seat pan was spilt was that was not necessary. SeatMod.jpg (59881 bytes)
Here you can see the reinforcing I added around where the control stick passes through. As you stand on the seat bottom when entering and exiting the airplane and I am not that light, nice way of putting it. I decided to strengthen this area. SeatMod2.jpg (71762 bytes)
Here you can see the split just below the center consoled. SeatMod3.jpg (65211 bytes)
This is how it looks with the seat pan removed. You can see the second half of the seat pan still under the center consoled. SeatMod4.jpg (78709 bytes)
This is the start of a change to the cowling pin retaining system. I saw this cool way of retaining the cowling pin on a RV. Those guy sure come up with some pretty cool ideas. As more progress is done I will share the photos. CowlingPinRetain.jpg (52153 bytes)
Landing gear retract test movie! (warning one meg.) Sorry only works with I.E. landing gear retract_test.jpg (18572 bytes)
Landing gear hydraulic pump landing gear pump 2.jpg (205904 bytes)
I have installed a maze of filters and check valves to try and keep the pump clean. After the fact not sure it was worth it.  landing gear pump 3.jpg (201447 bytes)
Hydraulics, what a mess. fwd hyd tubing.jpg (177184 bytes)
Overflow tank installed between the hydraulic reservoir and the emergency dump valve. landing gear pump 5.jpg (202016 bytes)
Cooling to the mechanical fuel pump nosegear spring.jpg (193012 bytes)
Heated pitot mast installed pitot mast install.jpg (144866 bytes)
Cooling box for the gascolator.   gasolator cover.jpg (56844 bytes)
I am not installing a "aviation" strobe power supply. But why you say. Well for less than half the price of a Whelen  power supply I installed a Nova Electronic X-Pac 904 from Strobes and More. This is typically used on emergency equipment, fire engines, ambulances... I still am using the standard flash tubes from Whelen with this supply and it real lights up the place. Quick test in the shop and I was seeing starts for sometime. Output of the Nova supply is 80 joules. The Whelen supply provides 42 joules. strobe power mount.jpg (83642 bytes)
Tubes going over the leading edge. LE tubing.jpg (80701 bytes)
I had to build a bracket to move the left rudder pedal down and outboard a bit to provide clearance to the fuel selector valve. rudder cable moved.jpg (77528 bytes)
Fuel line firewall penetration. fuel at firwall.jpg (71882 bytes)
The AOA computer mounted to the left inside fuselage wall. AOA mount.jpg (70648 bytes)
I made a guard around the trim wheel. With the center console installed it was possible to push against it and prevent the trim wheel from turning.  trim wheel guard.jpg (79127 bytes)
I put all the tubing connections at the leading edge in one location. The hope is that the wing can be removed without disconnecting to many lines. Under all this mess is a shuttle valve for the hydraulic pressure gauge. LE tubing 2.jpg (90482 bytes)
This is all that was left after starting with 140 feet of tubing! It is amazing how much tubing is installed in this little airplane. remaining tubing.jpg (64915 bytes)
The NACA duct formed inside the cowling. inlet_naca.jpg (68769 bytes)
I reduced the inlet of the NACA duct by 30%. Doing so meant than the height and width of the opening needed to be reduced to still conform to the NACA specification of the inlet. The reason behind the reduction is as follows. The engine is 360 cubic inches in displacement. At 2700 rpm that is 243,000 cubic feet per minute, remember it is a four stroke. Worst case in when the airplane airspeed is zero and the NACA duct has no ram effect. 

Besides which the Glasair III have the same size inlet NACA duct, and the III uses an IO-540 engine 30% bigger.

air_intake.jpg (81934 bytes)
Cooling shield around the gascolator gasolator_mounted.jpg (66523 bytes)
This was an early attempt at preventing the cable that closes the nose gear door from getting hung-up on the fasteners on the gear. nose_gear_nut_covers.jpg (48391 bytes)
Parking brake valve mounted parking_brake.jpg (84008 bytes)
Mounts added to the bottom of the instrument panel that the center console containing the throttle attach to. glairshield.jpg (79149 bytes)
Brake reservoir mounted brake_reservoir.jpg (80327 bytes)
Dad working on the inboard flap close-outs. Dadworking.jpg (61224 bytes)
I added a support to the forward end of the radio stack. On the same support I located the electrical disconnects for all the engine instruments. insturment_panel_mount.jpg (90846 bytes)
This is cool. Copied from Andrew Seefried. I installed a sight gauge in the side of the fuselage to determine the hydraulic fluid level during preflight. PICT0295.JPG (130191 bytes)
Cut a small hole in the side of the fuselage and make a joggle just like the windows. Bond a piece of Plexiglas in place. On the inside connect a piece of clear tube between the bottom of the hydraulic tank and the vent.  PICT0294_edited.JPG (74980 bytes)
  PICT0293.JPG (55522 bytes)
  PICT0298.JPG (78426 bytes)
  PICT0297.JPG (132504 bytes)
  PICT0296_edited.JPG (165586 bytes)
Landing gear hydraulic system Landing gear hydraulic system.jpg (96052 bytes)
I found some "Chrome" spray paint at the auto paint store. I sprayed the inside of the navigation light housings to act like a reflector. PICT0292.JPG (108348 bytes)
I made a fiberglass frame for the nav. lights that are on the extended tips. I didn't what to put screws thought the Plexiglas as I have seen many airplanes with cracks that start where the screw hole are located in the Plexiglas. In this way there are no hole for a crack to start at. The frame is then screwed on to the tip. PICT0291_edited.JPG (139056 bytes)
The short tips are bonded as per the instructions. PICT0290.JPG (117711 bytes)
  PICT0289.JPG (136009 bytes)
From the sidewalk you can see into the garage and see the airplane. It amasses me that when we have the door open the number of people that stop and want to see the airplane. Top questions/statements are:

 "How are you going to get it out of here" , "Are you going to flying in that", "Your crazy"

PICT0300_edited.JPG (161889 bytes)
As the project sits 6/04 PICT0301_edited.JPG (154010 bytes)

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