Assembly at Hangar page

Last updated on 08/01/08

The big day is here (July 22, 2006), after just over 8 years the fuselage is moved to the hangar.
On the road.
The new home for N61CY. Only the wing and a few odds and ends need to be painted now.
Right wing painting complete. just turning the wing around. My garage doesn't allow for both sides of the wing to be painted at the same time. Oh for a larger work area.
Engine mount, nose gear, rudder and elevators back on.
Art shot. Would have been better is it was centered.
The wing sees daylight for the first time.
All set for the ride tot he airport.
Everything unloaded successfully
Hangar is getting full, nice. Garage is getting empty, nicer.
Panel installed for the last time That is until I go to power it up.
Here are a couple of jigs that made life easier. The tool the wing is in allows the work to be completed on the underside with out a stiff neck. The other tool in the foreground is used to position the wing when mating to the fuselage. Four car jacks in the four corners allow the angle of the wing to be very easily adjusted. I can't stress would much help this type of tooling is.
Wing join!
The departure lounge.
At one time someone said to me, "Look at all the room between the engine and firewall". What room!
Every bit of space has something occupying it or passing through it. And I am not finished.
In goes the creature comforts, that is the upholstery. Crawling around inside the airplane, oh how I missed that. 
Actually I am not doing the job, only lending a hand at removing and installing bits and pieces. Billy from North Country is doing the actual work and it is turning out very nice.
side walls and trim around the window.
Seat back
Center consoled and glare shield.
Pictures of the finish interior

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